Below is a complete list of my published fiction along with a small selection of reviews, interviews, and essays from my large body of non-fiction work. If you’d like to commission me for any writing please email me at


Four Days of Christmas (2014)
First published in Terraform (2014)

Your Gaze (2014)
First published in Saturated Space (2014)

Ghost Hardware (2014)
First published in Arc 2.2 (2014)

Collision Detection (2013)
First published in Futures Exchange (2013)

Zero Hours (2013)
First published in Futures Exchange (2013)
Also published in Best British Fantasy 2014

Up and Coming (2013)
Commissioned for the Close, Closer/Future Perfect exhibit at the Lisbon Architecture Triennial (2013)

#Burgerpunk (2013)
First published in The Orphan #5 (2013)

Flight Path Estate (2013)
First published in Adventure Rocketship! (2013)

Limited Edition (2012)
First published in Arc 1.3 (2012)
Read it online for free at Arcfinity

Paintwork (2011)
First published in Paintwork (2011)
Read it online for free at

Havana Augmented (2010)
First published in Ergosphere (2010)
Also published in Paintwork (2011)

Paparazzi (2009)
First published in Paintwork (2011)



‘The shadow cast by the luminous screen..’ – interview with Liam Young (2015)
First published in The Geologic Imagination

The invisible network that keeps the world running (2015)
First published on BBC Future

Yiwu: The Chinese city where Christmas is made and sold (2014)
First published on BBC Future

Should we engineer animals to be smart like humans? (2014)
First published on BBC Future

We’re listening to Adam Greenfield speak AGAINST THE SMART CITY (2013)
First published on Arcfinity

Future Londoners (2013)
Consultancy/design fiction work for

Manufacturing Outrage For Profit in 10 Easy Steps (2013)
First published on Pop of Culture

“Dangerous bends ahead. Slow down.” JG Ballard and Forty Years of the Future (2013)
First published on

Science Fiction Is Here, It’s Just Not Evenly Distributed – British SF and the Class System (2012)
First published on The World SF Blog
Also published in Speculative Fiction 2012

A Comic Book Movie That Explodes Across the Screen: Dredd (2012)
First published on

HER GHOST: remixing Marker’s SF classic (2012)
First published on Arcfinity

Geeks, Swords and the Snow Crash Movie: Neal Stephenson in Conversation (2012)
First published on

Moebius: The Visionary’s Visionary (2012)
First published on

Twenty Years of Anime in the UK (2011)
First published on

Redline (review) (2010)
First published on Anime News Network