NOTE: full review now posted here. This one slipped past me apparently. Ether that or Production IG have been keeping it very, very tightly under wraps. Either way, apparently July 12 will see a Japanese theatrical release of Ghost in the Shell ...Read More

Another month, another Intrigue... But a slightly special one this time, for me at least. Not only was it the launch party for the new D-Bridge album, but second on the bill was Belfast drum and bass deity Calibre. Anyone that ...Read More Read More

Stumbled across this yesterday; cool little clip following one of my favourite Detroit producers Theo Parrish as he wanders the streets of Motor City, recording sounds and ambiances before taking them back to his studio, chopping them up and making ...Read More

I'm actually going to start using this damned thing. Need somewhere for daily rants, and my other blog over at the Vistas section of Asiascape is totally unsuitable....nope, this one is going to get personal. Partly it'll be to promote my ...Read More