The fascinating new book from Sonic Acts, The Geologic Imagination, is out now - and features my interview with Liam Young, conducted whilst we were deep at sea on a container ship last summer. Here's a little taster: TM: First, ...Read More

Container Yard

Over at the BBC, the week I spent on a huge Maersk container ship: "Over the course of seven days there wasn't a single time when I stood on the bridge of the Seletar, even when deep at sea, that I ...Read More


Finally up: my report for the BBC on Yiwu, China's plastic city where Christmas is made and sold: 'In the next room the fabric products are made; again about two dozen women sit at rows of sewing machines. It’s hot and ...Read More


I recently finished editing an interview I did with Unknown Field's Liam Young while we were on a container ship heading to China back in July. The interview is going to be published by Sonic Acts (lovely smart Dutch people) ...Read More

Nothing says Merry Christmas like moody near future, urban wasteland science fiction! So treat your loved ones - or yourself - to something special this festive season! I've a limited number of print copies of Paintwork sat here, ...Read More


If you live in the UK the chances are you've heard of SFX Magazine, the country's most popular science fiction and fantasy mag, covering books, movies, games and all that stuff. This week saw the release of their annual anime ...Read More


I'm sure I don't need to tell any of you about the horror of the recent events in Japan, the news has been as unavoidable as it has been upsetting. As someone living here in the west (who also happens ...Read More

This is my original review of The Sky Crawlers, reposted to coincide with the film finally getting a release on Bluray and DVD - as well as a limited cinema run - here in the UK. Since I first ...Read More


Bradley Meek has more interests than he has time. He likes reading about science and politics, playing PC games and discovering new music, reading novels and comic books, playing complex board games and obsessively checking his Twitter feed. But what ...Read More


Alex Leavitt writes for The Department of Alchemy, while working "for real" as a research specialist in the Comparative Media Studies department at MIT in Boston, MA. After studying abroad in Kyoto, Japan in 2008, Alex returned to the States ...Read More