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Paintwork on the BME podcast

Had a lot of fun this weekend when I returned as a guest on the Beta Male Experience podcast, alongside host Corey and the ever-entertaining Ed Sizemore. In the first half of the show you can hear us discussing the movies we’ve seen recently, before moving on to talk about my new book Paintwork. It’s a fairly spoiler-free chat, where I answer the guys’ questions and go into quite a bit of detail about the ideas, influences and technology behind the stories. Well worth a listen, even if I say so myself. Plus Ed and Corey are always great value – go check it out now.

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How to save Christmas

It’s just a few days before Christmas and you think you’ve got it all under control. Food shopping is done, presents are all bought and wrapped.

Or at least so you thought. Turns out you forgot someone. A work colleague. An aunty you just found out is coming to visit. The wife. The inconsiderate bastards have turned up with a present for you, and you’ve got nothing to give them in return. Plus they’re diabetic tea-totalers, so the usual chocolate and/or booze option is out of the window. In other words: you’re screwed.

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Anime 3000 Podcast – A Conversation with Helen McCarthy

This weekend I was thrilled to be invited back on to the Anime 3000 podcast, this time alongside some pretty heavyweight guests. Joining me on the panel was Michael Pinto – a good friend of mine and head honcho of and and Helen McCarthy, who really should need no introduction. A key player in anime’s introduction to the UK and author of some fantastic books on the likes of Miyazaki and Tezuka, she really is a a living legend and a charming and fascinating person to talk to. It was a great opportunity for the rest of us (including host Sean Russell) to pick her brain about a number of issues, and share our own thoughts on everything from digital publishing to moe fandom. Hit the link below to check it out.

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