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The Elephant in the Room

Right, I’ll try and keep this as brief as possible.

Last night, inspired by the latest ‘foreign pirates are killing anime’ outburst from the Japanese industry, I fell into one of my usual rants on Twitter:

“The anime industry avoiding the same elephant in the room as music industry did 10 yrs ago: consumers know worthless product when they see it.

And who wants to pay for worthless, disposable product when you can get it for free?

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Normal service will soon be restored


Ahh, my poor neglected readers. The image above is misleading – I’ve just been slack the last couple of weeks….actually, I’ve been far from slack if I’m truthful, things have been pretty hectic. Job interviews, freelance work, fixing my HTPC and some unusually good British weather have all conspired against me getting any blogging done. But, hopefully, this week will see me back with a vengence – expect reviews of Ghibli short Iblard Jikan, CGI anime Vexille and maybe the Speed Racer movie, a piece on essential anime movies, and perhaps some catch up reviews of Denno Coil and Freedom. Oh, and the possibility of something slightly new for the site – music reviews, specifically of the new Calibre and D-Bridge albums, when my promised copies hit the doormat…

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Everybody loves Ghost in the Shell


According to Variety today, Steven Speilberg’s Dreamworks studio has acquired the rights to produce a live action version of Ghost in the Shell. It’s not clear at this point whether the plan is to make an adaptation of Oshii’s 1995 movie, or Shirow’s 1989 manga, and the cynical among us (i.e. me) might jump to the conclusion that this is just a bandwagon jump after the announcement of the Akira live action flick. But apparently Spielberg ‘loves’ the original, and believes it is a ‘genre that has arrived’. Erm, OK Stevie. What genre, exactly? Cyberpunk? If so, then ‘fraid you’re jackin’ in about 20 years too late, chombatta.

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