Despite having been boringly safely back in the UK for over a month now, I’m still only just managing to mentally process everything we saw and experienced in Tokyo. A major highlight for us, in fact one of the main ...Read More

You could be forgiven, on first arriving at Asakusa on the Ginza subway line, that you've descended into Japanese tourist-trap hell. And to some extent you'd be right; it certainly seems to be the most touristy place I visited in ...Read More

Kiddy Land is a pretty mainstream toy shop, and wouldn't normally warrent a mention here - except that this is Tokyo, and mainstream means something completely different. Spanning five floors, of most interest are the anime and Ghibli sections. While ...Read More

Halloween isn't that big a deal in the UK - many people here see it as a bit too commercialized and American - I know people that view trick and treating as begging, or even pretend to be out ...Read More

As it sits proudly at the top of the Japanese box office, the first English language reviews of the latest Studio Ghibli offering Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea have started to appear on the net. I've had a ...Read More

Headline says it all really...the first footage from the new Ghibli movie have been shown on Japanese TV and thus are now all over the Grid. Still no news on a US or European release date... Apparently, after he's finished this, Miyazaki's ...Read More

Ahh, my poor neglected readers. The image above is misleading - I've just been slack the last couple of weeks....actually, I've been far from slack if I'm truthful, things have been pretty hectic. Job interviews, freelance work, fixing my ...Read More

...well, in Japan at least. No idea when it'll make it's way to the US or Europe, but it was announced this week that Ponyo on a Cliff by a Sea will hit Japanese cinemas on July 19th. Lucky buggers. All ...Read More

NOTE: also sometimes spelled 'Dennou Coil' Produced by cult animation studio Madhouse and directed by relative newcomer Mitsuo Iso, Denno Coil first started airing in Japan in May of last year, which is when I first started watching it, courtesy of ...Read More

Now I have to admit to a complete lack of any knowledge or experience of the Little Nemo children's stories...apparently popular in the US, as far as I'm aware they never made any real impact on this side of the ...Read More