Finally up: my report for the BBC on Yiwu, China's plastic city where Christmas is made and sold: 'In the next room the fabric products are made; again about two dozen women sit at rows of sewing machines. It’s hot and ...Read More


The Architecture Association's Saturated Space project asked me to write something about colour. Originally conceived by imagining what the world might look like if we could apply Instagram style colour filters to reality, 'Your gaze, brought to you by our sponsors' ...Read More


Over at Tomorrow's Thoughts Today, Liam Young explains our 'New City' art installation for the Future Fictions show in Belgium: "Opening on October 4th at Z33 in Belgium, Future Fictions. Perspectives on worldbuilding explores how contemporary artists, designers and architects relate to ...Read More


Last few months have been busy, hence the lack of posts here. Time for a quick round up... First up: new fiction. Arc 2.2 has my short story Ghost Hardware, a sort-of-kinda-almost sequel to Paintwork, it's a story about augmented reality, ...Read More


Just published today is the latest bit of short fiction for me - Collision Detection up on Medium’s Futures Exchange, a slightly twisted tale of long distance love between sea-steading, wannabe-transhuman, neoreactionaries. Make of it what you will. It’s actually the ...Read More


Back again with some more quick updates... First off: I am very honoured to announce that the legendary podcast StarShipSofa has put out a fantastic reading of my Short story Limited Edition. Many, many thanks to Tony and Adam for putting ...Read More


This week sees the blast off launch release of Adventure Rocketship!, a new anthology-slash-magazine by the science fiction critic and journalist Jonathan Wright. The first issue, Let's All Go To The Science Fiction Disco, is about the intersection between music, ...Read More


So we made this really short, low budget film based on Paintwork (watch it in full screen if you can): This morning I was trying to piece together how this happened. It certainly wasn't something I'd been planning. I think it ...Read More

Here's one way to cheer up your Monday - a couple of my stories are now up to read for free on the interwebs. First off publishers Tor have bought the rights to reprint the title story from my collection Paintwork ...Read More


The problem with being addicted to Twitter is that I tend to neglect this site, which I really should be updating with my news. I mean, that is kind of why it exists. Anyway, here goes. Got a couple of very ...Read More