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Intrigue@Dojo, 16/05/08


Another month, another Intrigue…

But a slightly special one this time, for me at least. Not only was it the launch party for the new D-Bridge album, but second on the bill was Belfast drum and bass deity Calibre. Anyone that knows me in person knows how my appreciation of the man’s production skills borders on the near obsessional, but surprisingly I’d never seen him DJ before, managing to miss his previous, fairly rare appearances in Bristol. Despite a heavy week and feeling pretty whacked out, there was no chance I was going to miss him doing a 2 hour set at my favourite night.

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Normal service will soon be restored


Ahh, my poor neglected readers. The image above is misleading – I’ve just been slack the last couple of weeks….actually, I’ve been far from slack if I’m truthful, things have been pretty hectic. Job interviews, freelance work, fixing my HTPC and some unusually good British weather have all conspired against me getting any blogging done. But, hopefully, this week will see me back with a vengence – expect reviews of Ghibli short Iblard Jikan, CGI anime Vexille and maybe the Speed Racer movie, a piece on essential anime movies, and perhaps some catch up reviews of Denno Coil and Freedom. Oh, and the possibility of something slightly new for the site – music reviews, specifically of the new Calibre and D-Bridge albums, when my promised copies hit the doormat…

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