It's always a buzz when you find that you have a connection with an artist you admire; it somehow feels like it brings you a little bit closer to understanding them and their work. I've been a fan of anime screenwriter ...Read More

It had been far too long since the last time I made it down to Bristol's live graffiti night Weapon of Choice, so last night I actually managed to get off my backside and represent. King Audel & Dirty30 were ...Read More

UPDATED: I actually picked up the book this was taken from when i was in Tokyo - check out lots more images here. This is just very cool: classic headphone designs modeled by anime girls. Click for a bigger versh. Courtesy of ...Read More

Not wanting to get peoples hopes up too much, but according to the Daily Mail Rider could be getting out in just a few weeks: The 43-year-old is included on a list of possible pardons which will be dealt with during ...Read More

Another month, another Intrigue... But a slightly special one this time, for me at least. Not only was it the launch party for the new D-Bridge album, but second on the bill was Belfast drum and bass deity Calibre. Anyone that ...Read More

I had an excellent Easter weekend, but since it ended I've had an evil motherfucker of a head cold, with mucus seeping into every part of already feeble brain, especially the parts which deal with blogging, apparently. Hence the brief ...Read More

Ugghh, maybe I'm finally getting too old for this shit. Feeling more than a little battered this morning, after my regular monthly session down at Intrigue @ The Dojo Lounge here in Bristol. Run by local producers/DJs The Insiders, it's getting ...Read More

Cat Le-Huy, 31, head of technology for Big Brother makers Endemol, finally returned home last Thursday after being thrown behind bars on a holiday in the UAE in January, also for cannabis possession. He had less than 0.03 grams - ...Read More

Got out and about last night - dropped into "Weapon of Choice" - a live graffiti jam at Mr Wolf's - a little bar here in Bristol. Couple of drinks, some nice beats and some, erm, entertaining rhymes from Nerdcore ...Read More

UAI news site 7 Days has the first interview with UK drum and bass legend Grooverider since he was imprisoned for four years for smuggling cannabis into Dubai...well, the charge was for smuggling, but the DJ had about a ...Read More