UPDATE: The LE edition is now SOLD OUT. Thanks to everyone that bought a copy! The LE Set includes: *A signed paperback copy of Paintwork, with personalised message if required *A 1GB Paintwork USB memory stick, containing: -Over 3 hours of exclusive DJ mixes ...Read More

Woke up this morning with a story idea. Don't know if it'll go anywhere, but scribbled down a few lines as a test. Thoughts? "Urban fantasy? Really miss? Urban fantasy?" "That's what you write miss?" "Yes Jess, that's-" "Miss, do you even live in ...Read More


As I've mentioned previously I'll be at Bristolcon later this month - and over on their site this week they've posted the official programme. It looks great - an amazing line up of authors and panelists - and I thought ...Read More


Apologies for being quiet over the last few weeks, but I have been kind of busy. I was off making my inaugural visit to the Great American Empire, and I can report on my return that our colonial cousins ...Read More

Quick post - just wanted to say thanks to everyone that came and checked out the See No Evil post last week, the response was phenomenal. Thanks especially to Cory Doctorow over at Boing Boing for picking it up, and ...Read More


This weekend saw the final unveiling of the the See No Evil project in Bristol; Europe’s largest street art exhibition. It is, to say the very least, an extraordinary, breathtaking achievement. Graffiti artists not just from Bristol but around the ...Read More


Paintwork has been out for nearly two months now, so time for a little round-up of what has been happening recently... Reviews are starting to trickle in: " interesting, cool urban read. Like graffiti condensed into prose. If you’re already a fan ...Read More


I'm very pleased to announce that the print version of Paintwork is finally available to order from Createspace now, and with Amazon to follow in just a few days. I received a proof copy earlier this week, and have to ...Read More


Had a lot of fun this weekend when I returned as a guest on the Beta Male Experience podcast, alongside host Corey and the ever-entertaining Ed Sizemore. In the first half of the show you can hear us discussing the ...Read More


Paintwork is out now - you can get Kindle versions from Amazon US and Amazon UK, and versions for all other popular e-readers (including iPad and Nook) at Smashwords. Those of you that prefer to buy your eBooks from an ...Read More