Anime 3000 Podcast – A Conversation with Helen McCarthy

This weekend I was thrilled to be invited back on to the Anime 3000 podcast, this time alongside some pretty heavyweight guests. Joining me on the panel was Michael Pinto – a good friend of mine and head honcho of Fanboy.com and Anime.com and Helen McCarthy, who really should need no introduction. A key player in anime’s introduction to the UK and author of some fantastic books on the likes of Miyazaki and Tezuka, she really is a a living legend and a charming and fascinating person to talk to. It was a great opportunity for the rest of us (including host Sean Russell) to pick her brain about a number of issues, and share our own thoughts on everything from digital publishing to moe fandom. Hit the link below to check it out.

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manga reviews Taiyo Matsumoto

GoGo Monster – Taiyo Matsumoto (2010): Review

Six year-old Yuki Tachibana sees and hears things his classmates never do; the bizarre forms and whispering voices of the strange, supernatural creatures that secretly inhabit his elementary school. Despite the fact that this dubious gift has made him an outcast from his fellow students he seems quietly accepting of his place – that is until he finds the always-empty seat next to him occupied by transfer student Makoto Suzuki, whose attempts to befriend him coincide with the arrival of the ‘others’ – a second group of spirits vying for control of the cold, decaying school building.

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cupcakes ghibli Kawaii Miyazaki ponyo

Ponyo Cupcakes

Yep, that’s right – more amazing looking cupcakes courtesy of my girlfriend as a sequel to her epic Pac-Man and and Totoro ones. And damn tasty they were too. Apparently she’s got something even more special planned for her next batch. In the meantime enjoy these pics. Just putting them up here has made me so hungry.

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manga reviews Tezuka

Black Jack Volumes 7-9 – Osamu Tezuka (2009-10): Review

Ironically, the titular anti-hero takes a bit of a back seat in my favourite Black Jack story to date. Instead it is left to a company president and a construction worker to make the hard moral decisions in High and Low, taken from the first of these three latest Black Jack collections. Set during a recession, and highlighting the disparity in status – but also the common human bond – between corporate fatcats and the working class it can’t help but touch a nerve in today’s economic climate. A stunning example of Osamu Tezuka’s continued relevance, it’s tempting to call it a stand-out story, but in honesty that would be doing the other tales here a disservice.

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bristol Guest posts

Guest Post: Wonder in Plane Space

Matt Brown is the adoptive parent of Anime Dream, and has written for the site for eight years. He’s an RPG gamer turned anime fan who lives in Florida and dreams of escaping, someday. A programmer and language enthusiast, he devotes most of his energies to slacking off, raising laziness to an artform. He maintains a pocket-busting love affair with Japanese music. His Twitter personality is MattB_AD. In a very exciting post for me personally, here he looks at an anime set in my adopted hometown of Bristol.

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Guest posts oshii Uncategorized

Guest Post: Hypercrazy triptastic mindfcuk: Oshii’s Beautiful Dreamer (1984)

Bradley Meek has more interests than he has time. He likes reading about science and politics, playing PC games and discovering new music, reading novels and comic books, playing complex board games and obsessively checking his Twitter feed. But what he always has more time for is his primary love, animation, and for the last three years he has been a staff reviewer on THEM Anime, and has also recently joined the staff of Anime 3000. Old or new, cute or manly, he has no fear and is willing to tackle any anime. Though, as he details below, this one was a “whoozy.”

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Guest posts Uncategorized

Guest Post: Replaying •REC (2006)

Alex Leavitt writes for The Department of Alchemy, while working “for real” as a research specialist in the Comparative Media Studies department at MIT in Boston, MA. After studying abroad in Kyoto, Japan in 2008, Alex returned to the States to travel around the country speaking at major anime conventions such as Anime Expo (Los Angeles, CA), Otakon (Baltimore, MD), and Anime Boston. Follow his eccentricities over on Twitter at @alexleavitt.

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Guest posts

Guest post: Ushio and Tora (1992)

Ed Fonseca is the brave soul commandeering edythemighty.com, otakuexperience.com, and a range of other one-man enterprises on the internet, as well as a frequent contributor on the iPhone-themed website touchmyapps.com. A native of Puerto Rico living in the Cajun heartland of New Orleans, he spends his days watching new anime and saying “I saw it done better in an anime 10 years ago!” You can find him on twitter as edythemighty.

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