“Tim Maughan weaves gossamer-light speculative ideas through street culture to producing some of the funniest, most furious, most touching science fiction of recent years”
– Simon Ings, editor of Arc and author of Hot Head, The Weight of Numbers and Dead Water.

After spending most of his life putting it off, Bristol based author Tim Maughan finally started writing science fiction back in the heady days of 2008. In 2011 he released the critically acclaimed Paintwork, a collection of three short stories dealing with the roles of art, celebrity and globalisation in a very near, and strangely familiar, future. He’s currently working on his debut novel, another near-future piece looking at the social and cultural impact of hacktivism, online protest and cyber-warfare.

Away from fiction he is one of the UK’s best known writers on Japanese animation and comics, a resident blogger for Tor.com, and a freelance contributor to magazines such as Icon and SFX.

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