Last few months have been busy, hence the lack of posts here. Time for a quick round up…

First up: new fiction. Arc 2.2 has my short story Ghost Hardware, a sort-of-kinda-almost sequel to Paintwork, it’s a story about augmented reality, architecture and drone graffiti. You can read a couple of extracts from it over at Arc’s website, where I’m also moaning about how reality keeps catching up with my predictions.

There’s more fiction by me in the form of Up and Coming, a short story in Brave New Now; a new anthology featuring work from the likes of Bruce Sterling, Warren Ellis, Jonathon Dotse and Rachel Armstrong. Brave New Now is ‘a collection of specially commissioned short stories set in a fictional future city developed by speculative architect Liam Young for the 2013 Lisbon Architecture Triennale. Authors have been invited to inhabit the city, to breathe life into its characters and cultures and give form to its streets and spaces through narrative. It is a speculative urbanism, an exaggerated present, in which we can imagine the wonders and possibilities of emerging biological and technological research.’ You can grab it as an ebook from Amazon and iTunes now.

Liam Young was also kind enough to invite me over to Princeton’s School of Architecture in April to speak at his excellent two day Data Drama event. There’s some video up here, plus you can read my report on the whole thing over at Arc.

Also at Arc: what do Robocop, the Robocop remake and Alphaville all have in common? They’re all strangely prescient predictions of how ‘smart city’ hype could lead to urban nightmares. Or, at least two of them are.

I’m also very proud to be able to reveal what I’m working on at the moment – a very exciting project alongside the so-talented-it’s-a-bit-scary Superflux for the London Design Festival – a drone aviary exhibit for the Victoria and Albert museum. Just go look at how crazy-exciting this is.

And finally – some of you might remember way back in the heady days of January 2013 I was invited to talk at the Sonic Acts festival in Amsterdam about graffiti and technology? No? Yeah, well I was, alongside Simon Ings, Alastair Reynolds and Frank Swain. You can watch us all – and laugh at how funny I look without a beard – right here on the Sonic Acts website.