Just published today is the latest bit of short fiction for me – Collision Detection up on Medium’s Futures Exchange, a slightly twisted tale of long distance love between sea-steading, wannabe-transhuman, neoreactionaries. Make of it what you will.

It’s actually the second piece I’ve written for Futures Exchange (and hopefully won’t be the last, stay tuned over the following months) – back in September they published my very short piece Zero Hours, about freelance retail workers trying to stay afloat in near future London. The piece actually came about as part of my consultancy work on the Arup, Social Life, Re.Work, Commonplace, and Nesta organised Future Londoners project; a one day workshop that looked to explore the city’s possible futures by creating 10 fictitious citizens. Zero Hours had a great response when it was released, so I’d just like to thank everybody (and there really were lots of you) that gave it a read. Cheers!