Right, no messing about – time for a quick round up of things that have happened:

I have a very short piece – #Burgerpunk – up on The Orphan as part of their latest issue. It was originally the opening of Flight Path Estate, but was cut free due word count limitations. Hopefully it still works on its own.

I was very stunned and flattered to find out last night that my article “La ciencia ficción está aquí, pero está mal repartida” (“Science Fiction Is Here, It’s Just Not Evenly Distributed”) has been nominated for the Ignotus Awards, which are the Spanish equivalent of the Hugos or BSFA awards. It’s a huge honour and a real surprise, and I’d like to send much love and thanks to everyone involved, particularly Elias F. Combarro and Miquel Codony Bodas for their support and for translating the piece. You can read the original English version at the World SF blog as well as in the Speculative Fiction 2012 anthology.

Guide 2 Bristol has just posted the third – and final – part of an interview with me (you can still read parts one and two) over on their site. Again huge thanks to Philip Bates for the thoughtful questions and for putting my ramblings together into a surprisingly coherent form, as well as to Rudy ‘Rudeboy’ Millard for organising the whole thing.

And finally – last week Google revealled that the live beta of their Glass wearable computer had been hacked using just a QRcode. Which might sound familiar to anybody that has read Paintwork. I wrote a few words about it for Tor.

OK, that’s it for now. Got a few more things about to pop up over the horizon, some of them kinda big, will let you know more details when I can. Laters.