This week sees the blast off launch release of Adventure Rocketship!, a new anthology-slash-magazine by the science fiction critic and journalist Jonathan Wright. The first issue, Let’s All Go To The Science Fiction Disco, is about the intersection between music, SF and the counterculture.

Highlights include:
• New fiction from Lavie Tidhar, Liz Williams, Martin Millar and Nir Yaniv
• New essays by Jon Courtenay Grimwood, David Quantick, Sam Jordison, NK Jemisin and Jason Heller
• Interviews with China Miéville, Michael Moorcock, Mick Farren, The Orb and Bill Nelson
• Cover art by Stanley Donwood, of Radiohead album art fame

Oh, and me. I’m in there too, with a brand new short story called Flight Path Estate, a strange example of what happens when you try to write science fiction while obsessing over the media coverage of Occupy, Anonymous, Pussy Riot and US drone strikes. It also sees the return of a character from Limited Edition, if anyone is paying attention.

Apparently there is a blast off launch release event in London tonight, which is great and everything – but the real party will be right here in Bristol on Saturday, where myself, Liz Williams and Rob Williams will be signing copies at Forbidden Planet from 1pm. If you’re about make sure you come down and say hi.