The problem with being addicted to Twitter is that I tend to neglect this site, which I really should be updating with my news. I mean, that is kind of why it exists. Anyway, here goes.

Got a couple of very interesting appearances coming up. First off at the end of February is Sonic Acts 2013 in Amsterdam, where as part of a panel put together by New Scientist’s Arc Magazine I’ll be presenting a secret project we’ve been working away on for the last couple of months – a short experimental film based on a scene from my story Paintwork. I’ll post some more details nearer the time, but you can get a peek at some images from it over on the Sonic Acts website.

And then just a week after that I’ll be a guest at Genericon 2013 in Troy, NY. I’m very honoured to have been invited over, and it’s the first time I’ve ever attended a con in the US, so should be interesting and will hopefully give me the chance to catch up with some of my American friends. Again I’ll post details of what I’ll be doing there shortly.

I’m also honoured to have been interviewed by philosophy professor Evan Selinger for the Huffington Post. It’s quite an in depth one, where we discuss my thoughts on culture, information and augmented reality amongst other things. Thanks to Evan for the very stimulating questions.

Also last year – back in November, which seems so long ago now – I was interviewed by Odo for Sense of Wonder. Again, some brilliant questions that made me really think hard about my views on science fiction, politics and the future. You can also read the interview in spanish at Literatura fantástica. Many props to my Spanish fam for all the support.

2013 got off to a great start with the news that Limited Edition (which you can now read for free over at Arc) had made the shortlist for the BSFA short fiction award. It’s a very strong list, with great stories in particular from Aliette de Bodard and Ian Sales, as well as something from some geezer called China Mieville. No idea who he is, but I think he had something to do with Moby Dick.

Oh, and I nearly forgot – Happy New Year!