If you live in the UK the chances are you’ve heard of SFX Magazine, the country’s most popular science fiction and fantasy mag, covering books, movies, games and all that stuff. This week saw the release of their annual anime special, which I was lucky enough to be asked to contribute to. In fact I’ve got three articles in the magazine, kicking off with an opinion piece on the state of anime in Japan following the 2011 earthquake.

Next up is a piece on simulcasts and legal streaming services, including five shows from the Spring 2012 season that are worth checking out.

And finally there’s a selection of five forgotten classics – essential anime OVAs and movies that you might have missed or have faded into obscurity.

But it’s not just me, obviously – the guide has some far more interesting articles from the likes of Helen McCarthy, Andrew Osmond and Guy Haley, plus a free DVD and some posters. You can pick it up now from must places that sell magazines in the UK (and some in the US and Canada, I understand) or buy it direct from the SFX website. There’s even a digital version for iPad and iPhone.