Woke up this morning with a story idea. Don’t know if it’ll go anywhere, but scribbled down a few lines as a test. Thoughts?

“Urban fantasy? Really miss? Urban fantasy?”
“That’s what you write miss?”
“Yes Jess, that’s-”
“Miss, do you even live in the urb-” Liam paused, to correct himself. “Do you even live in the city, miss?”
“Not now, no.” Fiona felt her cheeks blush. “But when I was at uni-”
“Uni? Now THAT’S an urban fantasy for us!” said Kelvin, leaning back on his chair.
“Yeah! Urban fantasy for us is leaving here and getting a job!” said Sam.
“Urban fantasy for me is going down the shop at night and not getting my phone jacked innit” said Bricksy.
“Urban fantasy for Tyrone is his mum coming home and remembering who his dad actually was” said Kelvin.
“Shut up.” It was the first time Fiona had heard Tyrone speak. His tone was quiet, yet purposeful. He fixed Kelvin with a cold, disturbing stare. “Shut the fuck up.”
The whole class was laughing now. Fiona felt control slipping away again. “Okay everyone, that’s enough. Quieten down please.”
“Seriously though miss.” Jess again. “It’s scary enough out there. We don’t need no vampires or demons, you get me?”