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See No Evil – thanks and updates

Quick post – just wanted to say thanks to everyone that came and checked out the See No Evil post last week, the response was phenomenal. Thanks especially to Cory Doctorow over at Boing Boing for picking it up, and to all his readers that swung by.

So many people checked it out in fact that I ended up being interviewed about it for The Times, in this great article (paywall, sadly) by Simon de Bruxelles – extract below:

Tim Maughan, the Bristol-based science fiction author whose latest book Paintwork is about a graffiti art, disagrees. He said: “Does the art form loose some of it’s meaning and energy by not being an illegal form of rebellion? I think it’s pretty obvious the answer is no when you come down here and experience it.

”The backing of Bristol City Council raises really interesting questions – it’s almost like a state sponsorship of a protest against a past regime. How much money the council must have spent in the past two decades trying to stamp this art out? At the same time it’s a great, positive and inclusive PR event for the city.

“Hopefully it is opening doors for the people involved, and stimulating the economy and creative industries, like Weapon of Choice and the other galleries, that have grown up around Bristol’s international graffiti reputation.”

Mr Maughan, who says he always felt the “neo-Brutalist” concrete architecture of Nelson Street was the vision of some dystopian future, added: “The scale of some of the pieces have just blown me away.”

I can’t empthasise that last point enough. See No Evil is very special, and you need to see it yourself if you can. if you don’t live in Bristol its worth making the trip. It should be up for a good few months yet – but Bristol City Council tell me that ‘no-one can say definitively – depends mainly on sale and redevelopment of old Magistrates’ Courts’. So don’t sleep on this, come and check it out.

Paintwork is out now – you can get Kindle versions from Amazon US and Amazon UK, and versions for all other popular e-readers (including iPad and Nook) at Smashwords.

Print versions are now available from Createspace or Amazon US and Amazon UK.

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