Paintwork has been out for nearly two months now, so time for a little round-up of what has been happening recently…

Reviews are starting to trickle in:

“…an interesting, cool urban read. Like graffiti condensed into prose. If you’re already a fan of works like Neuromancer or Snow Crash, then it’s a pretty safe bet that you’ll probably enjoy Paintwork…either way, it will be a unique experience to say the least.” – Comic Attack

“A set of three short novellas set in the not-too distant future, Maughan’s debut work gleans much of its literary influence and style from that burning start of science fiction, William Gibson, but has enough punch to suggest that more interesting ideas could be on the way.” – What Froth

To my delight Paintwork has been doing pretty well in the Amazon bestseller lists – including a spell in the Science Fiction Short Stories top ten last month:

And right now – as I type away – the print copy is doing well in the Amazon US 4 for 3 promotion. Time to pick up a bargain:

And it’s not just Amazon where you can grab a copy – both electronic and print versions are available all over the internets now:

*In print at Amazon and Barnes and Noble
*For the iPad and iPhone from Apple eBooks/iTunes
*For the Nook from Barnes and Noble
*For the Kindle from Amazon US, Amazon UK and Amazon Germany
*And for all major eReaders from Smashwords

So there you go – no excuses to pick up a copy!