Yet another quick update – if you follow me on Twitter you may have already heard that I recently started blogging about anime and manga for the science fiction and fantasy website Those of you that havn’t heard of Tor should go and check it out; it’s the community and news portal for one of the world’s biggest SF/Fantasy publishers – but far from just promoting their own products it covers a wide range of ‘genre’ related topics from movies and TV to novels and comics. Needless to say with some great resident bloggers and a huge reader base it’s an exciting move for me, and I was extremely flattered to have been asked.

My involvement kicked off a couple of weeks ago, when the site re-posted my infamous 10 Anime Films to See Before You Die list. The response to that over there has been fantastic – many thanks if you read it or left a comment. Just yesterday saw my second post – a review of Vertical’s brilliant body-horror/sci-fi manga 7 Billion Needles.

So what does this mean for this site? Well, obviously I will be posting most of my anime/manga related reviews and articles over at Tor (they are paying me for them, after all), but hopefully that should mean I’m free to cover some wider topics here. For a start I’ll be using this site to promote my forthcoming book Paintwork (I have a book forthcoming. Had I not mentioned it? It’s called Paintwork), plus if time permits I’ll be covering some other related topics…science fiction, art, internet culture, video games etc. That’s the plan, at least. So don’t go too far.