Long-time readers will remember me showcasing the work of Bristol based anime and manga artist Rory Doona on the site before – well, he’s back, this time with a few pieces he’s done for UK anime distributor Manga Entertainment.

To quote Rory: “Manga commissioned me to create a new mascot for their latest series of adverts…I drew inspiration from some of my favourite mascot characters like Miyazaki’s Totoro and Bastian Balthazar from The Never Ending Story. The mascot is also accompanied with a pink haired girl on his travels as well. Both as of yet do not have a name but I can pass on any good suggestions to Manga from your blog readers, what do your readers think they two characters should be called?”

Hit the comments below with your suggestions – click any of the images to see full sized versions. And don’t forget to follow Rory over on Facebook to see more of his work.

Layout designs on the Manga ads by Jelly Creative.