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Anime News Network: Spring 2010 Anime Preview Guide

This year I was honoured to be asked to contribute to the Anime News Network guide to this season’s new TV shows. Well, I say honoured – it’s going to be quite a bit of work, and will involves me watching a lot of shows that I’d usually avoid like the plague. But hey, that’s what being a critic is all about – no one ever said it would be fun or easy.

I should be posting something up just about everyday, usually within 24 hours of the shows first airing in Japan, so remember to keep checking the link below on a regular basis – as well as what the other critics have got to say.

6 thoughts on “Anime News Network: Spring 2010 Anime Preview Guide”

  1. i saw a trailer for an iron man anime a couple months ago; is that the same one you reference in the hero man review? both look cool to me

  2. Yeah, I guess so. As far as I know it’s been delayed until the Autumn season. Also, I believe Warren Ellis is involved in working on the script, which is pretty exciting.

  3. how can you be fair and partial if you come in not liking a certain type of show

    “watching a lot of shows that I’d usually avoid like the plague. But hey, that’s what being a critic is all about”

  4. I never claimed to be fair and impartial. That’s not my job. I’m a critic not Fox News. My job is to have an opinion, not just state facts. And I’d be one hell of a lousy critic if I just liked everything.

  5. Brilliantly written review of that guide. Yes I know I’m a year late, but I generally had the same feelings as you towards most of those series (some of which I admittedly didn’t know but had heard about). Then again, we’re around the same age (I’m turning 31 in a few weeks), though I’m a woman and even less impressed than you by the now-stereotypical slice of life and/or hyper violence anime with too many panty or boob shots, characters with no personalities and/or brains and too little focus on a decent, captivating plot.

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