An extra special treat for Tezuka Month – when I was in Thailand in January I was lucky enough to stumble across this edition of art and design mag A Day with a huge section dedicated to Astro Boy. Presumably timed to coincide with the release of the recent movie over there – nothing that special in itself, until you start to flick through it and realise that it’s clearly a publication that prides itself in it’s imagery, design and layouts.

For a start, check out this transparent overlay showing a cut-away image of Astro’s workings – a great bit of magazine design work:

Similarly, in the front cover there’s an insert showing how the look of Astro has changed over the decades in his various incarnations:

In total there’s way over 20 pages of this stuff – covering Tezuka, his other creations, and Astro Boy merchandise amongst more – all beautifully laid out and put together. Sadly I can’t read any of the text because its all in Thai, but it really doesn’t matter, it’s just so gorgeous to look at. It’s funny, just the other weekend on the Anime 3000 podcast we were discussing the future of magazine publishing and new technologies, but digging this out again to have my first proper look since I got home reminds me just how impressive printed media like this can be when done right. Check out the image gallery below to see what I mean.