Here we go. Slightly delayed – but the wait has been worth it.

The response to my Otaku: Cook Up challenge from a couple of weeks ago has been fantastic, and I’ve collected some of the highlights below. But don’t forget to check the #otakucookup hashtag for even more tastiness.And if you make any of these recipes, remember to come back and let everyone know in the comments.


Usually creepy men use candy or the promise of kittens to lure children to their doom, but Digiwombat uses this delicious looking Turkey and Corn Chowder (photo) and Pot Roast (photo) instead.

Evan Krell came like a bat out of hell with this ace looking meatloaf recipe.

Even being heavy with child is no excuse to stay out of the kitchen for AH Greenwood, who dropped this quite amazing sounding Dry Chimichurri Rub recipe.

My boy Flotsky dialed my way-back machine to…last month his plan for a Green Thai Prawn Curry.

Animevision gave us a two for one with not only a Thai Chicken recipe but also some classic Lasagna action. UK REPRESENT.

On a slightly different tip Awesome Engine told us about The Horrors of Animated Food Hygiene. Shudder.

ZITI BATTLE! The deadly sleekness of Narutaki clashed head on with the unstoppable force that is Ed Sizemore for Ziti Pasta Bake supremacy. It was Ziti vs Ziti, in a battle to the delicious death. Only you can judge who will rise from the ashes victorious.

Gotta say this was my personal favourite – Theillien’s own Gyudon creation. Can’t wait to try this bad boy out.

Bradley Meek kept it real with this recipie for when you’re a bit light on the woolong:

Bell Peppers and Beef
3 ounce bell peppers, sliced
1 lb beef (optional)
Fry for five minutes, serve.

Airpi came up with the dough with this mouthwatering bread-making scheme.

Live from Tokyo Hiroto Mishina made me hungry with this incredible looking Motsunabe and breathtakingly impressive, man sized breakfast that fused Japan with some serious traditional English fry-up business. おいしい!!

Now I know there’s a lot missing – but Twitter was not behaving at the time of writing so I couldn’t retrieve all the hashtag tweets. If you posted something that you think really should be here then let me know and I’ll rectify that ASAP.

Thanks again everyone for getting involved. Good work people!