An extra special treat for Tezuka Month - when I was in Thailand in January I was lucky enough to stumble across this edition of art and design mag A Day with a huge section dedicated to Astro Boy. Presumably ...Read More

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Here we go. Slightly delayed - but the wait has been worth it. The response to my Otaku: Cook Up challenge from a couple of weeks ago has been fantastic, and I've collected some of the highlights below. But don't forget ...Read More

Six year-old Yuki Tachibana sees and hears things his classmates never do; the bizarre forms and whispering voices of the strange, supernatural creatures that secretly inhabit his elementary school. Despite the fact that this dubious gift has made him an ...Read More

Okay, this should be a lot fun. With hopefully tasty consequences. Randomly chatting with some people on Twitter about lunch today, we got on to the point that being able to cook a decent meal is an important stage in the ...Read More