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Thailand, Colony Drop and a special thanks

So I’m back from Thailand – two weeks of Buddhist temples, amazing food, beach paradises, raving and cyberpunk culture-clash urban environments (more on that to follow). If you’ve got time to kill then hit-up my Flickr photoset for the now standard image overload.

Not that things have been completely dead around here while I was away. For a start Colony Drop – the anime blog everyone loves to hate – published my review of the Zone of the Enders OVA while I was gone as part of their video game theme week, and as you’d expect over there the comments are getting as lively as usual. Whatever the fuck you do don’t tell them, but CD is probably my favourite anime blog out there, so it was an honor to be asked to get involved. Go check it out.

And finally – and most importantly – I owe a massive thanks to all my guest post writers that kept the content flowing here while I was away. There was some great posts, a few nice slices of controversy and some great discussion as a result of their work, for which I’m massively grateful. Oh, and I must also give mad props to my old friend Flotsky for holding things down behind the scenes. Good work sir.

Plus there’s some interesting things coming up over the next few weeks and months, including a catch up review of Vertical’s stunning Black Jack series, some new stuff from Viz Media, and a look at what new anime this year has caught my attention. Oh, and there’s some other interesting collaborations and contributions coming up as well, more details when I can give them to you. Stay tuned.

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