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Thailand, Sagat and Guest Writers

This Saturday I’m off to Thailand, for some much needed relaxing, culture and raving on the beach at the Full Moon Party. Hopefully I won’t be bumping into our friend Sagat, above. Good news though is you won’t be going without content here – quite the opposite in fact. My call for guest writers before Christmas had an amazing response, with the result that some of my favourite bloggers have contributed some really exciting posts to keep you entertained in my absence. To whet your appetite here’s a schedule of what you can expect:

25 Jan – Hisui and Narataki (Reverse Thieves)

28 Jan – Ed Fonseca (Otaku Experience)

30 Jan – Alex Leavitt (Department of Alchemy, MIT)

1 Feb – Bradley Meek (Them Anime, Anime 3000)

4 Feb – Matt Brown (Anime Dream)

What are they going to be writing about? Well, that would be telling. Just trust me – this is some interesting, quality shit you are about to be treated to. Controversial even. Someone even criticizes Oshii at one point. Yeah, that’s right. Criticizes Oshii. On my website. Want to find out who is #otakumanup enought to try and do that? Then you’re just going to have to check back and see. Believe me, it’ll be worth it – all the posts are of exceptional quality and fantastic reads. Enjoy them, and I’ll see you when I get back.

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