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Guest Post: Replaying •REC (2006)

Alex Leavitt writes for The Department of Alchemy, while working “for real” as a research specialist in the Comparative Media Studies department at MIT in Boston, MA. After studying abroad in Kyoto, Japan in 2008, Alex returned to the States to travel around the country speaking at major anime conventions such as Anime Expo (Los Angeles, CA), Otakon (Baltimore, MD), and Anime Boston. Follow his eccentricities over on Twitter at @alexleavitt.

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Guest post: Ushio and Tora (1992)

Ed Fonseca is the brave soul commandeering,, and a range of other one-man enterprises on the internet, as well as a frequent contributor on the iPhone-themed website A native of Puerto Rico living in the Cajun heartland of New Orleans, he spends his days watching new anime and saying “I saw it done better in an anime 10 years ago!” You can find him on twitter as edythemighty.

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Guest post: Rocket Punching Straight to Your Heart – An Absolute Beginners Guide to Mecha

The Reverse Thieves are a blogging duo made up of the stylish Narutaki and the indomitable Hisui. With a detective theme they report on and analyze all aspects of anime and manga fandom with the hope to promote critical analysis and an overall love of Japanese pop culture. Their complementary eclectic tastes, over all positive attitude, and emphasis on character studies make their reviews a unique voice in the blogging community. The duo can frequently be found puttering around East Coast anime conventions and presenting panels on a wide variety of subjects. They also like to orchestrate large-scale projects that bring together various elements of the blogosphere and the fan community including the Otaku Diaries and the Secret Santa Project. You can visit them at

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Thailand, Sagat and Guest Writers

This Saturday I’m off to Thailand, for some much needed relaxing, culture and raving on the beach at the Full Moon Party. Hopefully I won’t be bumping into our friend Sagat, above. Good news though is you won’t be going without content here – quite the opposite in fact. My call for guest writers before Christmas had an amazing response, with the result that some of my favourite bloggers have contributed some really exciting posts to keep you entertained in my absence. To whet your appetite here’s a schedule of what you can expect:

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