Fancy writing something for the site?

So far this has been strictly a one man show, but this January I’m off on my travels again – a couple of weeks in Thailand this time – and rather than leaving the site without content for a fortnight I thought I could get a few guest writers on-board. The brief is easy – you should have something to say about anime, manga or some other aspect of J-Culture, and at least *some* previous experience of writing online. This site gets a minimum of 30k visits a month, so it’s potentially a good way of giving your work some exposure.

Interested? Here’s what to do:

  • Email me a brief overview – just a hundred words or so – on what you’d want to write about. DON’T email me the final piece yet.
  • Also include a link to your blog or an example of your writing online.
  • Have a look around the site, and make sure you won’t be duplicating something I’ve already done, and that it’ll be something my readers will be interested in.
  • Reviews are fine, but I’d rather something like an overview of a classic show or franchise etc that you think people should know about. Or you want to explain some obscure aspect of fandom to a wider audience…whatever. Just keep it fresh and interesting.
  • Article ideas must be emailed to me by no later than noon on Friday 11th December. If I like your idea I’ll get back to you ASAP and then you’ll have to get the final piece to me by Friday 8th January 2010. Accepted articles will be published later that month.

So…what you waiting for?