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UPDATED WITH VIDEO: Is Oshii’s Assault Girls a sequel to Avalon?


More information on Mamoru Oshii’s upcoming live-action flick Assault Girls have emerged, this time via the film’s official Japanese language website. Finally we have a clue to what is going on in that crazy trailer showing girls-with-guns fighting sand-whales, and it’s pretty damn exciting. Based on Google Translate and my most trusted of Japan based operatives Fernando Ramos it seems that the film is set in the same world as Oshii’s sublime live-action movie Avalon – that is to say it appears to be set around another massively multiplayer, virtual reality video game. In fact, the text seems to be suggesting it’s a new, or different, version of the game from the earlier film, known as ‘Avalon (f)’.

This is the google translation of the first few paragraphs of the story page on the site:
Virtual space “Avalon (f)> already there, that mimics the desert wilderness after thermonuclear war =” Desert 22 “monsters that haunt the” Sunakujira “aims to show his players —— Gray , Lucifer, kernel, and Yeager. Three men and one woman, in their arms “Sunakujira” a flock of whale. Next we had the players and make a kill during the war, Yeager is possessed for a chance to pet one of them was gobbled up, stuck in the kill. That time, three other people before the end of the target is very big in this field = “Madarasunakujira” that was on the scene. That, prior to its overwhelming strength, they are forced to retreat …

Return to base in the crater of a volcano, Gray settle the battle outcome. Terminating target “Madarasunakujira” but missed, Gray is not a bad score. And such for her master had said the game cold. “You can knock down levels of the target can not be terminated,” “Look at other players and formed a party if” and.

Well, make of that what you will. If you have elite Japanese skills and can provide a better translation then PLEASE give me a shout. I was already pretty excited about Assault Girls based on what I’d seen already, but the idea that it may be a continuation of one of my favourite sci-fi movies of the last decade is just thrilling. As always, more info when I get it.

UPDATE: See below for the first two Assault Girl shorts – the first taken from Oshii’s own Shin-Onna Tachiguishi Retsuden, and the second from Kiru ~ Kill – a movie made from climatic fight scenes from non-exist films by various directors – of which Oshii was one. Plus get this: Twitch are reporting that during a press conference in Shibuya today to promote the release of the full-length film that Oshii announced that Hollywood had already approached him about a US remake. Wow. Lets hope the his head doesn’t get too big for that dope hipster hat of his.

Special thanks to Brian Ruh, author of the excellent book Stray Dog of Anime: The Films of Mamoru Oshii, for the tip off on this one.

1 thought on “UPDATED WITH VIDEO: Is Oshii’s Assault Girls a sequel to Avalon?”

  1. Tim, I looked up Assault Girls and managed to translate the following, not sure if it’s from the same site that you did or not: ‘Set in a world not that dissimilar to ‘Avalon’, amidst a world ravaged due to thermonuclear destruction, a band of both men and women set out on their quest for sand-whales. Yeager, eager and a tad eccentric, has more than just a little to contend with when he takes it upon himself to pet the predators, a move that ultimately he will ‘live’ to regret. And so, consumed with grief, and the realisation that the threat is bigger than the reward, our trusty band makes their retreat.

    ‘An epic opener, to an epic film, and one that Oshii relishes. And so he should.’

    Sounds pretty mental though!

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