I guess it must be pretty obvious by now that I'm not exactly what you'd call - if such a thing even exists - a 'typical' anime fan. I don't refer to myself as an otaku. I hate J-Pop. Mainly ...Read More

Following on from the popularity of last week's Parappa and Street Fighter in just 15 pixels, I thought i'd better share this. Alaskan Military School have been at it again, this time cramming a whole bunch of classic games into ...Read More

Last week I had the pleasure of being invited onto the Anime 3000 Panel podcast - alongside Zac Bertschy from Anime News Network and Chase Wang from anime streaming site Crunchyroll - to discuss digital distribution. It was a great ...Read More

More information on Mamoru Oshii's upcoming live-action flick Assault Girls have emerged, this time via the film's official Japanese language website. Finally we have a clue to what is going on in that crazy trailer showing girls-with-guns fighting sand-whales, and ...Read More

OK - the second non-anime/manga related post today, but when my good friend David Surman showed me this today I just couldn't resist sharing. David is heavily involved in organising Nottingham based games-fest Gamecity, and - well, I'll let him ...Read More

Not strictly anime I know - but the marketing people think you guys might be interested in seeing this, and I can see why. Shane Acker and Tim Burton's dark looking CGI movie 9 opens here in the UK on ...Read More

Someone is killing robots. Not just any robots either; apparently someone is hunting down and killing the world's most powerful and famous robots. And this is a problem for Inspector Gesicht of Europol, not just because he's been put in ...Read More