Long time readers will be familar with the work of local Bristol artist Rory Doona, whose anime and graf inspired work I’ve had great pleasure in showing on the site in the past. Well, today Rory dropped me an email about his latest project:

The series is titled descriptively “Girls, Guns and Clouds” which pretty much sums up the subject matter. Certainly my love for Japanese character design shines through again but the focus on many of the images is to hint at a wider story and world behind each image.



When buying art for your home I am very conscious you need more than just a few pretty shapes to justify it being in your line of vision on such a regular basis. My hope for these works is people will be able to add their own interpretation and story to the image.



The full works will be available to view and buy online sometime next month, currently aiming for around mid October. More details of sizes, prices and format will be available come mid October, which we also hope to be the release date online. Thanks for sharing these with your readers.



I think you’ll agree they’re breathtaking – more info on how you can own some of these prints when I have it.