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Ponyo on a Boat (2009)

Genius…I’m speechless.

UPDATED: Displaying a staggering sense of humour fail, Ghibli have told Youtube to pull the video. Shame. Seems some people still don’t get this whole internet marketing thing yet. Ah well.

UPDATED AGAIN: And it is back – thanks to NoDeath below in the comments, who has found the video hosted elsewhere. Good work man!

5 thoughts on “Ponyo on a Boat (2009)”

  1. HAHA! WTF!? Firstly, what is with that song dude, so funny, it’s like NeuTard style, next they’ll be rappin about chocolate digestives or somethin. Check me bitch, Im dunkin biscuits in ma cawfee futha-fuckah yiieeeaah brow.
    Someone’s put in some hours here though, syncin that all up with the lyrics, not sure about pofanities mixed up with Ponyo though, makes me feel a bit dirty inside.
    Funny stuff DOG.

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