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Totoro cupcakes


Long time readers may recall my girlfriend’s love for making things Totoro related – including my Valentines Day card and some Halloween pumpkins – and after a busy few months she finally got round to adding something new to the list. These Totoro cupcakes where made for a little friend of ours – a four year old fledgling Ghibli fanatic – who broke her arm right at the begining of the summer break. Look great don’t they? Trust me, they actually tasted even better. More pics after the jump.



10 thoughts on “Totoro cupcakes”

  1. Brilliant, I’ve had to make totoro themed birthday cakes for the past two years (2nd and 3rd birthday) so if she’s still wanting totoro for the fourth I might make these little cakes! Lol. The only problem has been that while she was over the moon with her cakes, none if her party guest had a clue who it was!

  2. WOW! these are absolutely ADORABLE!!! I absolutely LOVE Totoro!
    so cute! i would LOVE to know how to make them!…please?! do You just use sugar fondant/paste for the totoros?

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