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Viva La Revolución


Well, I’m back. I survived Havana – a bat-shit crazy but fantastic and beautiful city, both run-down and elgant at the same time, and where everyone that walks the street is a hustler. Sure, communism and food rationing has made it hard to find a decent meal, but who cares when the rum and cigars are so cheap. Plus the Museo de la Revolución and the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes make it worth the cost of the flight alone. Just don’t try bringing back a load of that cheap rum through Madrid airport security. Long, painful story. Of course, as always, I took a bunch of photos, which you can check out on the Flickr sideshow below – and are certainly worth a look if you have any passing interest in Che Guevara, crumbling but awe inspiring architecture, mojitos and lots (I mean LOTS) of gorgeous 1950s American muscle cars.

So due to my adventures things have been pretty quiet on the site – and sadly I’ve come back to a pretty chaotic life here in the UK. Work is hectic, social life is busy, domestic life seems to be drowning in admin jobs and on top of all that I’ve been trying to get some new top-secret projects off the ground. As a result the next week or so might not see much activity either, but stay tuned: normal service will be resumed before you know it. Coming up: reviews of Miyazaki’s Ponyo, Mariko Koike’s novel The Cat in the Coffin and Volume 5 of Tezuka’s Black Jack. Plus I’ll finally get round to looking properly at Eden of the East and Shangri-La. Oh, and I think all the Cuban sun has given me an urge to finish checking out Michiko to Hatchin….

Don’t touch that dial….

2 thoughts on “Viva La Revolución”

  1. Great news on the holiday, sounds like you had a wicked time. Good to hear that you’re doing a review of “Ponyo”, can’t wait!

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