I’m off on my travels again – not Japan this time, but the sun soaked Socialist republic of to Havana. Ten days of snorkelling, rum, fat Cuban cigars and blissfully internet free chilling awaits me. As a result there will be no updates here for a while – and my ninja-like accomplice Flotsky will be moderating comments here – and I’ll reply to them all when I get back. Apologies in advance.

But just as I’m leaving this town, I thought I’d leave you will with a little bit of homegrown goodness. As if Rory Doona and a certain well known anime blog weren’t enough evidence that Bristol is the anime culture epicenter of the UK, here’s a fantastic bit of giant Mecha CGI work from local artist Justin Dowling. Enjoy.

truth tv – giant bipedal weaponised military unit from Justin Dowling on Vimeo.