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Homegrown: UK anime and manga talent


One of the nicest things about running this site has been the number of people that have contacted me directly to chat about our shared interests. Perhaps not surprisingly a lot of them seem to be from creative backgrounds – graphic designers, artists, animators, writers, CGI modelers, mangakas – some from Japan, many from Europe and even more from the US. But today I want to showcase the work of three people from here in the UK whose anime and manga influenced work has really impressed me.

Rory Doona


Rory Doona is an artist and animator from my adopted hometown Bristol, and is probably best known round these parts for his awesome work doing flyers for local club nights like Byte. Clearly influenced by the likes of Hayao Miyazaki and Kazuo Oga, the man is so talented it’s a little bit scary. Hit his website below and see for yourself.


David Surman


By day David Surman is Senior Lecturer in Computer Games Design at University of Wales, Newport, and by night he hands squeeky voiced Texan pre-teens back their arses on Street Fighter IV via Xbox Live. In between those two states he’s usually scribbling. Some crazy, fucked up shit. Check it out. And don’t worry, he’s cool. I’ll vouch for him. He even did the pic above of Blanka from SF just for this post. Isn’t that nice?

David Surman’s Scribblog

Kairi Chan


Kairi is a 20 year-old mangaka at Glyndwr University, where she’s doing a BA in Illustration for Graphic Novels. Wow. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t an option when I was applying for any colleges anywhere. Anyway, she’s hugely influenced by manga and Japanese/Harajuku fashion and design, but most impressively for someone as early in her career as she is, she’s already creating a unique style for herself, especially in her vibrant use of colour. Her recent design for a laptop skin has been causing a justified buzz around the ‘net. Hit the links below for more.


Think I’ve missed someone out? Think you should be here? Then drop me a line and let me know.

8 thoughts on “Homegrown: UK anime and manga talent”

  1. All pretty awesome…nice finds Tim! Rory Doona should clearly be illustrating for Ghibli and Kairi Chan’s palette is stun-ning. Keep up the good work guys.

  2. Hi My Fiance has a car up for sale that has Manga art on it, unfortunately everyone likes to look at it but no-one wants to buy it!!

  3. great pics, really like them, thanks to wossy on twitter i wouldnt have seen them, never heard of anime & manga talent or pics before, must be to old haha

  4. Hey there – beautiful stuff you’ve showcased! ^^ I was wondering whether you’ve ever heard of Sweatdrop Studios? It’s a comic circle/independent publishing group I’m part of which is heavily influenced by manga, consisting of group members who range from published amateurs to practising professionals. I notice you’re based in Bristol – Will you be going to the Bristol Comic Expo? Normally I would be a manga guest, but I’ve been too busy this year (and ‘cos it’s smaller this year, it’s sold out)! Several of my colleagues will be there though, Emma Vieceli, Ilya and Asia Alfasi to name a few. If you want to check out lots of manga-influenced creators in one go, try the London MCM in a couple of weeks’ time – professionals and small press will be there, 30,000-odd fans of anime/manga/tv/sci-fi converging on the Excel centre in one weekend! Anyway, I’ll stop bothering you, I’ve got to get back to work – rushing to get a manga ready for the printers!

  5. Hi Sonia,

    Just had a look at your site – wow, your stuff looks amazing as well. I recommend everyone has a look:

    There’s certainly a lot more manga talent in the UK then I first realised.

    I didn’t make it to the Bristol Comic Expo last year, but am aiming to get there this time around…

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