If you haven’t seen The Girl That Leapt Through Time then you need to rectify that immediately; the film is one of the most charming and skillfully made anime movies of the last few years. Excitingly the film’s director Mamoru Hosoda and screenwriter Satoko Okudera have a new project launching in Japan this year – Summer Wars. According to Anime News Network

…the light-hearted “action entertainment” story revolves around a modern-day family on a midsummer adventure. Bizarre occurrences spring up around the world, due to the intersections between reality and another world named Oz. At the behest of their 90-year-old grandmother, the family members must work together to save mankind. The film will open in Japan this summer.

Sounds interesting, and with this creative team behind it, should be essential viewing. Check out the YouTube stream below – also available in a 720p HD version. I’ll be following this one closely, so will – as always – let you know more when I have it.