According to on-line store CD Japan, Miyazaki’s latest Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea is being released on DVD (and VHS, charmingly) on July 3rd, with the DVD also including an English subtitle track. Excellent news for European importers, and those in the US with region-free players.

At the same time a making of DVD is being released, along with a DVD of a concert by Ghibli composer Joe Hisaishi. Confusingly – and annoyingly – both of these are also being released on Blu-ray, although the film itself is not. Shame. Seems Ghibli are still testing the water in regards to the new format, or are concerned that adoption rates are still not high enough outside their hardcore audience in Japan.

So what will it be? Are you going to take the plunge and import a copy? Or wait until the official cinema release and see it with the Disney dub (featuring the likes of Tiny Fey and Matt Damon)? Let me know below. I’ll hopefully be back in Japan at some point this year, so I can see myself being tempted by all three releases…

Thanks to Tobias Lind for the heads up on this one.

UPDATED: Thanks to blauereiter for pointing this out to me – according to Ghibli World Ponyo will be getting a Blu-ray release – but not until December, which is an awful long wait. The article also states that the two BR docs mentioned above will not have English subs, which is highly disappointing. No word on whether the BR of the film will have an English sub track, but I’d be surprised if not. More info when I know.