I stumbled across a great blog today – Let’s Anime. Run by D Merrill from Ontario, it focuses on what he seems to believe is the golden age of anime, 1960 – 1990, with the aim of bringing some lesser known classics to your attention. Very worth checking out, not only for the great unknown titles you might discover, but also for Mr Merrill’s snappy writing style and to-the point opinion.

For example, check out his response in the comments on his review of The Flying Phantom Ship (1969) – a lesser known title that featured a certain Hayao Miyazaki on animation duties:

That sounds pretty great, but I’m guessing it’s an absolute pain in the ass to find a copy?

Oh no, the WONDERFUL anime industry has spent the last ten years bringing America absolute gems and respected classics of the medium, and as such has laid the groundwork for their continued success, and now everybody knows Japanese animation means well-crafted works of universal appeal.

Oh wait, no, they wasted their time bringing us garbage, and now they’re all going out of business. My bad.

Amazing. Get over there and check it out. Just remember to come back here afterward, yeah?