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Ghibli colour designer retires


Some interesting news that could feasibly affect the future of Japan’s the world’s greatest animation studio – Ghibli colour designer Michiyo Yasuda retired last week. Responsible for picking the palettes of just about all of the studio’s output for the last 20+ years and a close personal friend of Miyazaki and Takahata, Yasuda-san has obviously been a massive and important player in the creation of the Ghibli look.

The question is, can she easily be replaced? Will it mark a shift in the Ghibli style and pallet? With Takahata-san in ‘semi-retirement’, and Miyazaki clearly getting old, what is the long term future for the studio?

I could write much more on this, but there seems little point, when Daniel over at Conversations on Ghibli has written such a great post. Get over there and check it, and the rest of his wonderful site, out.

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