I’ve been thinking about this site a lot recently. Over the last few months we’ve had a substantial increase in traffic, and clearly a steadily growing base of regular readers. Exciting times. It’s also made me think about the site’s direction and it’s aims. What do we do that singles us out from the vast number of other anime blogs out there?

With this in mind, I just updated the About page. It’s as close to a ‘mission statement’ as you’ll find around these parts:

(timmaughanbooks.com) has developed into a popular internet resource for reviews of mature Japanese manga and anime. Unlike other anime sites and blogs it focuses on high quality animanga either aimed at mature audiences or produced and written with exceptionally high values, while providing a haven for confused newcomers to the scene. The aim here is to seek out and critique works that show the best of what both media can deliver, and that will appeal to the wider audience of serious cinema, literature and the visual arts.

In other words if you’re looking for moe, shonen or hentai you’re in the wrong place.

So there you go. Hit the comments and let me know what you think. Even if you do just want to slate me for being a snob because – as a 35 year old British man – I don’t watch low budget shows made to sell toys to 9 year old Japanese girls. Go on, let me have it.