Not that I expected him to win, especially in the year that Academy darlings Pixar released what is arguably their finest work to date, but I have to say I was surprised and disappointed he didn’t even get a nod when the nominations were announced today. It’s especially confusing when only three films where put forward, and one of them was the decidedly average Kung Fu Panda (I haven’t seen Bolt, and can’t honestly say I’m that bothered either).

What is interesting is that all three films are completely CGI productions. Is this the death of ‘real’ animation? In the US perhaps, where the success of Pixar and the cost effectiveness of digital production seems to have killed hand-drawn animation. Certainly Disney doesn’t seem to be bothered with it anymore. Not that I’m an anti-CGI snob at all, it just seems sad that the art form has been all but abandoned by the large Hollywood studios.

Ah well, there’s always next year. Perhaps Oshii will have another chance with Musashi: The Dream of the Last Samurai, or Miyazaki will be back to grab his second with Ponyo.

Or it’ll be Pixar. Again. Sigh.