…which is on 28th February, apparently. At least according to Makoto Shinkai fansite Cherry Blossoms Falling, who are organising this (probably less than official) event. According to this post:

In order to celebrate the works of Makoto Shinkai we’ve decided to throw a Global Shinkai Day. We’ll spend 24 hours watching Shinkai’s films, chatting during the movies and having discussions and contests along the way. We hope you will be able to drop in and join the party/conversation πŸ™‚

All you need is an internet connection to this site and access to Mr Shinkai’s works. We’ll publish a schedule of when we’d expect folks to be watching certain films and we will have a forum and chat room available for people to share their feedback on the films and Shinkai.

Sounds like fun, and a nice way to celebrate the work of probably the most interesting talent to emerge in anime in the last decade. Not sure how much I’ll be participating, but I’ll try and sit down and give Voices of a Distant Star yet another watch (which is always a pleasure), or check out 5 Centimeters Per Second which, at risk of losing my Shinkai fanboy credentials, I still haven’t had a chance to see yet…