One thing I knew for sure when I started hitting the shops in Tokyo: there was no way I was coming home without something Denno Coil related. Didn’t see anything in the way of toys, but I did grab this pretty DC artbook in a manga store in Shinjuku.


It’s the standard procedure with these anime artbooks; some nice colour prints, character designs, concept sketches, and towards the back a collection of interviews with Mitsuo Iso and other production staff. Of particular interest are a number of sketches and maps of Daikoku, the series’ fictional city setting. The use of maps in planning anime was something that I only recently came across after reading this and watching the production extras on the Tekkon Kinkreet Blu-ray, and it helps illustrate the amount of work high-quality anime studios put into making the worlds they create so immersive.


I say ‘reading’, but of course 99% of the text here is in Japanese, and given the passion I feel for this show it’s yet another strong incentive to get learning. It’s also slightly embarrassing that on logging in to post this I realised that I never got round to writing the second part of the Denno Coil review from last year. Aside from saying the rest of the show was phenomenal – in fact, possibly the greatest anime series to have aired in the last five years – I’ll see If I can remedy that in the next few days. Stay tuned.