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Ghibli Museum shopping spree


As mentioned in an earlier post, we survived the melee of the Ghibli Museum shop, even if we were left more than a few thousand yen poorer by the experience…


First of our spoils is this beautifully printed Mei and the Kittenbus book. An essential purchase for us, especially as we were so lucky to catch the film, it’s a short but glossy leaflet style affair, featuring tons of great scenes telling the story of the short. It’s the only official way of seeing any images from the film outside the museum, and as far as I’m aware only available from the shop. Click the thumbnails below for more glimpses…



Next up (below) is a DVD/Blu-ray double pack of the documentary on the recent exhibition by Ghibli background artist Kazuo Oga. We missed the exhibition by a few months sadly, but having this on BR almost makes up for that. Full report when I’ve had time to watch it.


Similarly, I’ll post up more details about this DVD (below) about the museum itself. I’ve had a quick flick through some of it, and there’s lots of footage of the museum plus some pretty in-depth interviews. More soon.


Finally, my partner couldn’t resist this, and who can blame her. A solid glass Totoro paperweight. Beautifully crafted, and elegantly presented in some cool packaging, its now resident in our living room.



Oh, and lets not forget that Ghibli branded beer bottle we were so generously given…



2 thoughts on “Ghibli Museum shopping spree”

  1. Ghibli Museum is such a fun place! I didn’t buy anything there but a tin of cookies, but I delivered that to my host family and they were quite pleased.

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