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Akihabara – Welcome to Electric Town


Where do I start?

Again, everything you’ve most probably heard is quite possibly true. It’s a living, breathing Bladerunner set, part futuristic shopping district, part tacky tourist attraction, where funky dressed hipsters and short skirted schoolgirls mix with suited Hiro Nakamura otaku clones and cosplaying flyer girls. The main strip, Chuo Dori, feels like an endless strip of arcades, manga shops, PC component markets and porno stores – probably because it is. DVD players like you’ve never seen before nestle next to retro games consoles from the early 80s. Jumble sale like shops filled with cheap Chinese Gundam knock offs and priceless Star Wars rarities are stacked on top of sushi bars and maid cafes. It’s almost too much. I shot over 200 photos there alone today, and I’m still processing what I saw. And it’s going to take me a while, trust me. In time I’ll post up my thoughts here in chunks, some after I get home, but for now here’s a very small selection of images to whet your appetite.


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