I fucking love this story.

Although really, you do have to feel sorry for the guy. Daisuke Enomoto, the multi-millionaire executive of one of Japan’s leading ISPs Livedoor, paid Space Adventures $21 million to travel to the International Space Station and to be the first tourist to take a walk in space. Sadly he failed his physical, and is now trying to sue SA for allegedly misleading him. Harsh.

But that’s not the bit that I love. You see, Enomoto-san is a HUGE anime freak. So much in fact, that he was planning to dress as Char Aznable from the Gundam shows. While he was up there. Seriously.

But that’s not all. If you want to be a space tourist in these early, pioneering days, while SA and the Russians are all too keen to take your cash, it seems poor, precious NASA insists on you doing some kind of scientific experiment to justify your orbital presence. Enomoto’s planned experiment? He was going to see how hard it was to assemble Gundam model kits in zero-gee.

Sadly, it all seems to have got a little messy and complicated, and unlikely to happen. Even though, i still hope Enomoto-san gets his wish. To quote him directly, all he wanted to do was “go up there and chill”.

Story from Wired